The Importance of Shoes…

…If you love high heels, but struggle to wear them, try an elevated wedge, or platform heel to start with, these will give you greater support and balance while helping you look taller and slimmer.

…If you have thick ankles, wear a more open shoe and avoid ankle straps that accentuate the area.

…The bright fashionable shoes of now are fantastic fun accessories, but they draw attention first to the feet, shorten you and can detract from your outfit. But sometimes its great just to break the rules and ‘play’.

minx 120903130929…Nude shoes help make your legs look longer, hence you look slimmer. They match every outfit, camouflage the feet and are very fashionable right now.

…Boots are a fantastic accessory. Whether summer or winter in style, they cover the foot and support the ankle, enhance every outfit and hide a multitude.

…Shoes have the ability to take you from day to evening in the same outfit. Your choice of shoe strongly determines your outfit occasion.

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