Many of us are unhappy with are our body shape and would like a slimmer waist or narrower hips so here are some pain free tips for looking slimmer without dieting or undergoing surgery. It’s all about belts….and finding the right belt for your shape. If you are one of those women who think that belts are only for skinny girls or that they are uncomfortable take a few minutes to read these quick tips as to what to look for and how to fit and wear a belt and become a happy convert. Remember that wearing the right belt in the right position on the right outfit can make you look as if you have lost inches. View our online belt collection 1. Firstly, always look for a good quality leather belt with a leather lining. They will wear well and mould themselves to your shape. 2. The most flattering belt is cut with a gentle curve and is between 6-8cm (approx 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches) wide. 3. The most flattering place for a belt to sit (unless you have the perfect figure and can get away with anything) is just below the waist and dropping down slightly at the front. 4. Stay away from any belt over 4cm (1 ½ inches) wide that is not cut with a curve, as it will not drop at the front. 5. If you are wearing your belt on your lower waist or hips then pop it on and fasten over your waist (or the smallest part) then let it drop into position. 6. To check that you are wearing a curved belt the right way up, hold it out in front of you and make sure the belt is ‘smiling’ (the curve goes up at the ends) before you put it on. You’d be surprised at just how many people get this wrong and put on a curved belt upside down which will be uncomfortable and do nothing for your figure. 7. If you are petite then you are probably better staying away from very wide belts and opting for narrower ones instead and don’t wear them too low on your hips. Everyone can look good in a belt once they have worked out what works best for them and overcome their fears. Forget hiding yourself under baggy clothes, feel empowered and love your curves. View our online belt collection