Shoes … glorious shoes … they can make you instantly slim‘‘ It’s all about elevation and achieving ‘instant slim’ with monochromatic shoe and trouser tones. Want to lose 5 kilos without pounding the pavement or enduring those two days out of seven nibbling lettuce leaves and celery? Want to lose 5 kilos without any dietary hardship whatsoever? Well the trick is all in your shoes and the size of the heel. They can transform your 163cm frame instantaneously by simply increasing your height by the height of their heel. No deprivation required as you wash down your favourite white- chocolate and blueberry muffin with a full cream latte! It’s all about elevation and achieving ‘instant slim’ with monochromatic shoe and trouser tones. So what glorious footwear are you purchasing this autumn? The selection is broad. For those easing into the idea of elevation —platforms are very levelling and perfect for the reforming ‘ arty’. The wedge is more graceful —its streamlined tilt complements a court-shoe, ankle or knee-high boot and is a great selection for outdoor events or all day wearing. The Minx shoe collection is sporting a c hunkier heel, patent leather, suede, colour and stud embellishments. Their ankle boot has strong heel definition. The knee length boot is designed for comfort not elegance. The court shoe is an all-day comfort shoe with a great solid heel. Colour is huge again, purple, pink, emerald green, the new look metallic, spots, leopard and black and white. But what do the international designers offer us this winter? For the mountain goats amongst us who can balance on a knife edge —the Emporio Armani embellished velour calfskin boot is an absolute must —sporting a stiletto heel as sharp as a pencil —i t’s all fashion statement and no comfort, a great ‘car to bar’ accessory. St Laurent has feminised the biker boot in at heels and chunky leather by adorning them in studs and charms — simply charming! In direct contrast Chanel has embraced the thigh high ‘come get me’ boot with a design in black leather and chains and added patent leather integrated gaiters! (Didn’t they use those on penny farthings to stop trousers catching in the bike chain?) So anything goes … So what other little tips can I leave you with to assist you when buying your next pair of shoes? Monochromatic ensures the body line is continuous from head to toe —so what happens when we throw on that 2013 mismatch fashion statement — the eye comes clanging to a h alt at the ‘stand out’ brightly coloured shoe that clashes with everything else we are wearing. No longer do we appear taller and thinner —no we’ve just made ourselves shorter and … how did we gain 5 kilos?