Come Backs Are Back!

Being at the bottom of the world barbequing while our Northern Hemisphere friends

are pot roasting has its definite advantages. Not only do we get to see those morning

rays of sunshine first, something to look forward to for the next millennium, but

more importantly for the fashion world, we get the advantage of previewing the

International runway trends before deciding on what local styles to purchase; taking

some of the ‘hope we get it right’ out of buying.

If we look at what the runway trends are focusing on internationally for Spring 2015

– it’s all about comebacks. The fashion circle continues to rotate creating an ongoing

state of deja-vu for the ardent fashion followers; and almost a sense of relief as

mothballed styles long thought defunct make their grand resurgence. Go the jumpsuit

and maxi skirt!! {Stirrup pants and massive shoulder pads – have patience your turn is

The trends this season are as numerous as they are diverse:

The harem pant – the lourex dress/top/bomber jacket in silver or gold – the

sheer banded skirt, dress or top – the fringed hemline – the ethnic pattern

boldly symmetrical for dresses tops or shirts -the ever popular active wear

catwalk style worn with heeled sneakers – the black and white ‘everything’

combination – the large floral with attitude – the mesh – the broidery-englis

short short or skort with midriff top – the boyfriend jean in pale denim teamed

with the white shirt with button collar, colour strengths of tangerine, peach and

every form of pink, pink, pink … bold brights in blocks of yellow, lime, fluro, or

over-the-top abstract bright brights as seen on the cover of the latest Simply

You – the maxi top – the leopard face t-shirt oversized …

All sounding pretty busy isn’t it?? For those of you who do not wish to bob along in your

fringed symmetrical fluorescent Aztec slip dress with sheer sleeves in heeled sporty

sneakers, there are always the trusty basics; those tried and true numbers – seven/

eighth pants with detailed pocket and/or hemline, bright linen/cotton t shirts with

natural fibre sweaters. The embossed cotton shift dress is still here to take you to

the barbeque or coffee with the girls and the golfer or tennis champ can still purchase

a great knee length short or skirt.

So what of the most shocking comeback of all??? identify this as being the

oh so very comfortable masculine slide sandal – usually associated with the middle-aged

tourist scene who place high priority on comfort… treat yourself with Givenchy’s $1081

floral rendition – please, please, not teamed with woollen work socks!!!

Yes it’s a great season for diversity, and it’s up to you what nostalgic combinations you

wish to re-invent from these old comebacks this season as you tuck into those sautéed

shrimps sipping your pinot gris – then again with the return of the midrift – perhaps it

had better be a salad!!!