How to look taller and slimmer…

  • Body lining: This is a simple dressing technique using same or monochromatic colouring to give a ‘one block colour’ base. You add your ‘wow’ or bright pieces over the top of your ‘base’.
  • Shoes: Wear high heels. The simple fact of elevation makes you look taller and slimmer, they give the effect of longer, slimmer legs and are more feminine than flats.  Wear monochromatic coloured shoes that flow with the colour of your outfit, or try the new ‘nude’ look shoe. These give the impression of longer legs. View our online shoe shop
  • Posture: Love your body, stand tall, put your shoulders back, pull your stomach in, push your hips out, hold your head up high and smile.
  • Fit: Wear clothing that compliments the bodyline, clothing worn too tight or too large will make you look bigger.
  • Balance: Team an oversized T or baggy top with a fitted bottom layer, either skirt or trousers, this will keep the look balanced and slim. Wearing an oversized T with baggy wide trousers will shorten and widen you.


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