Let Polwarth Design Help You Break Your Own Rules
We all think sometimes…

“l can’t wear a belt…”

“l’m too short for tunics…”

“Patterns don’t suit me…”

“l can’t wear red…”

“l can only wear V necks…”

“l can’t wear dresses…”

…we live in a society filled with rules. They mostly help guide our lives and enter into all of our choices, but sometimes we can be misguided or misguide ourselves into abiding by totally unnecessary rules. From wherever you have picked them up, TV, a kind meaning friend, your mother or grandmother, be aware that to limit yourself to ‘what you can’t’ wear is like building your own personal prison.

Don’t get me wrong, there are fashion rules, tips to help guide and enhance body shape for the betterment of self. These are universal ‘tips’, worked out with body science to help you confidently say “l can wear…”

Fashion right now is more diverse than ever. Body shape and coloring are our base. We can wear …the tunic…the dress…the round neck…the patterns…the belt…the leggings…at any age. We just need an open mind to try different styles, a willingness to see the possibilities rather than the limitations in fashion and some great in store consultants to help you on your new journey of discovery.

Let Polwarth design help you break your own fashion rules, its exciting, liberating, and most of all, loads of fun!
– Cheryl Polwart