Karen and I have decided to share with you our individual choices that we have run with

for this spring summer season.

Being twins and both owning Polwarth Design, our buying is always very interesting.

There is a bit of a Ying Yang when it comes to buying a range together.

Karen loves colour, pattern and texture, (it’s her artistic side coming through). I

love…tailored, structured, unusual design, quirky… with lots of black, white, silver, grey,

taupe, pink, lime and mango (I’ve just started embracing some colour!!!)

Our different personal fashion ‘must haves’ make for a very interesting and diverse

combination of style and colour that Karen and l can now both embrace. It’s exciting to

share and work with these new seasons styles from two different angles.

I am naturally casual. I love jeans. I want every woman I see to look the best they can

in a pair of jeans. We live in Northland. Jeans are part of our culture. Its summer,

winter, autumn’ spring…jeans, jeans, jeans. They speak a million languages and are

always a part of every seasons’ fashion trends. This summer the faded denim is huge

in Europe…and of course we follow. There is a skinny legging style that reeks comfort

and sloppy sweater looks. Then there is the boyfriend jean, faded, less fitted. A 7/

8th cuffed three quarter jean that suits every day wear and is fun. It has taken us

from winter into spring. The cuff jean, the ankle boot, the white shirt, the fine wool

sweater, the twill hunting jacket. The sloppy leather handbag. Saturday morning here

we come. It’s a great casual look that embraces every individual ‘take’ to suit you. If

you want help, we’re very ready to help. Personality prompted. It’s a great casual

weekend look.

I also love weddings and occasion wear, so ladies hold on for the ride because Karen and

I have diversity plus here.. My take for event wear includes, sequins and lace. Tulip

hems for great legs, strappy for perfect shoulders, and lace for elegance. Event

wear this season is sensational. Pastels are running strong. Nude and blush colours

teamed with black lace are world widely depicted. Did l say diversity plus or personality

plus. They run together. Huge variety. it’s very exciting….

Cheryls take…

Karen’s take on spring, summer 2015…

It’s incredible really that two people with identical chromosomes can be soooooo

different!! Possibly a spin off from those early years dressed exactly the same right

down to the knickers and hair ribbons!! Then thanks to uniforms in high school enduring

another five years of ‘sameness’ [along with every other student] so it wasn’t until we

parted ways as shy seventeen year olds that we were able to unleash our individuality!!!

I’m the colour girl!! I love colour and what better season to experiment with it than

summer!! I love florals and bright block prints with snazzy contrasts especially in shift

dresses and tops – anything that reminds me of summer and surf and tropical islands.

And there’s heaps of strong colour around this spring, ‘must haves’ like fluro citrus and

tangerine blended with white, mango, multi shades of blue and green and dare I say it

YELLOW – canary yellow – Go Queenie and the royal wedding – you little trend setter


Along with colour –I have a passion for stripes – perhaps I was a sailor in a past life.

Pin stripes in denim jeans, shorts and straight cotton skirts. Dramatic black and white

stripes, horizontal, diagonal or vertically striped wow jackets tossed over block tops of

lime or turquoise. So sharp and such a great way to lift a mundane ‘separates’ look.

Tending to not want to ‘stand out’ in evening wear [until the third glass of wine], I opt

for a less dramatic after five option than Cheryl. This summer I’m either going for the

pants suit – reminds me of my raw silk number in the 1987’s, which I’ll wear with drop

dead high shoes, so I look 5 kilos slimmer with a flowing over shirt to camoflague my

derier. Otherwise I’d go for the understated elegance of Joseph Ribkoff – he just

knows how design clothes. One is never enough!!

So from the colour, pattern, texture girl – roll on spring!!