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“I love the thrill I get when I find the perfect outfit for a customer and they leave absolutely ecstatic with their purchase” – Cheryl Polwart

About Us

Polwarth Design is a leading Northland fashion store for womens clothing. With over 25 years experience in women’s clothing, identical twins, Karen Matich and Cheryl Polwart love the challenge that comes with women’s fashion. With their unique strategy of making fashion fun, these dynamic two excel in their honesty and solving the needs of their customers. Polwarth Design staff understands how best to manage your individual body shape and combine it with the best in high grade fashion.

As a leading Northland fashion store, Polwarth Design has been helping woman solve problems for more than two decades. Every customer who walks into the store receives the full attention of Polwarth Design’s highly experienced sales staff, who pride themselves on finding solutions for your fashion needs.

“I love the thrill I get when I find the perfect outfit for a customer and they leave absolutely ecstatic with their purchase” – Chery Polwart

Polwarth Design love to educate their customers on women’s clothing and work with their customer’s individual personalities. Whether it’s an outrageous funky look, or to just look 5kgs lighter,  Polwarth Design provide interactive, informative and fun workshops that show their Northland fashion savvy customers the best way to wear their outfits. These workshops blend the experience and excitement of new season fashion with individually assessed body shape and body type techniques that allow you to look your best no matter what.

Polwarth Design have two stores in Northland located in Dargaville and Whangarei. Come in and see us today. We’d love to hear your story and solve your women’s clothing needs.
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Our Team


Cheryl Polwarth


“Hi I’m Cheryl, the second twin, 2 minutes apart but 3 years younger and after thousands of dollars invested in skin care, hairdressers and dentists am the undisputed self appointed face of Polwarth Design… Pop into the shop before 10 and you may catch me putting on the last of my makeup or finishing my hair, but that’s OK, I’m happy to chat or I’ll point you in the right direction and be with you in just a jiffy!”

“My work is my passion and like my darling sister Karen after 26 years in the business, I still love everything about it, everyday is another opportunity to make a difference in someones world. My philosophy in life is to keep learning and to continue pushing my boundaries. Many of us live lives riddled with self imposed rules limiting our ability to truly shine. This is what I love about the Polwarth Design we’ve created; we really want you to shine and if it means ridding you of a few rules to do it, count on us!”

“When I’m not working,I am Mum to 4 great kids and a Narnee… no thats not a banana its grandmother to Two beautiful delightful funny and incredibly smart grandaughters. With all the kids having escaped the North, I spend a lot of my spare time in my car either trying to catch up with the bus they’ve just missed, or travelling to enjoy a relaxing weekend with good wine, great conversation, nice music and surrounded with plenty of family and friends.”.




Karen Matich
Karen-About-us“Hi I’m Karen, the voice of Polwarth Design and the eldest of the team by a staggering two minutes! Yes I’m a twin and in being so have happily shared the stage with Cheryl, my best friend, business partner and biggest critic. So after a lifetime of sharing and comparing when an opportunity comes up to talk about my self by myself, I embrace it with gusto!”

Polwarth Design has been part of my life for over 26 years and the excitement and passion I feel for helping women feel beautiful and confident is even more powerful today than it was back then, its not a job its a luxury, my time for some real fun.”

“I guess you could say I’m a pretty good multi tasker because as a mother of 4 enormous grown up boys, 3 of which have left home but are still bound to me through their unshakable attachment to my fridge, a full time primary school teacher studying part time at university along with my involvement in our business’s various workshops, fashion parades, client evenings and working in Saturday shop with a compulsory wine or two afterwards keeps me …… INSPIRED!”