he one thing about special occasions these days is they are always recorded. Photos, videos, snapshots and formal photographic memories are a very important part of these events, and now with ‘world at your fingertip’ technology, these special occasions are shared all over the world via twitter, face book, skype and email. So it’s paramount that you look your best for all those people who will view these images.

The wedding is a journey of wants, desires and expectations to be fulfilled for the mother’s of . . . so that those wonderful photographs of the mother or mother in law looking confident, happy and beautiful at their child’s wedding will be a reality.
So here is where you start Mother . .
Let’s give you the lowdown of fashion timing from us, the retailers. If you are having a summer wedding from around November to March, start looking for your summer outfit in August/September. All the new summer fashion and styles hit the stores at the end of July through August, September. It means you have to be very disciplined and keep that dress in the wardrobe for quite a few months, but the early bird gets the worm and you’ll get the first choice.
I have had so many women walking into our boutique looking for a mother of the bride outfit in January /February for a March wedding, stressing that they can’t find anything, because they have left it too late. And they have, with lots of phone calls to our companies finding sizes, we can normally always accommodate their needs. We love to help and will do the best we can. For your autumn/winter/ wedding outfit from April/ May through to September/October you need to be looking in March/April. All our autumn winter clothing arrives at the end of February through to April.
The fascinator or the hat are personal, it is about many things; head shape, hair length and thickness, plus your own attitude towards headwear. Fascinators are more popular at the moment, mainly following European trends. Race Day is always a good insight into the type of head adornment that is popular: Melbourne or Ellerslie race days, just Google and you will get some ideas.

(Golden Road Tunic and Faux Real Dress )

Shoes are personal. Beach weddings are favouring the wedge, or
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platform. Since we have had shoes in our boutique l have learned that there are alot of women that suffer with foot problems, so if you can still wear a high heel, go for it, just tip toe at the beach wedding in them, as there will be some descent hard ground soon enough to relax those heels on. Contrast, ornude shoes are still popular, if you are wanting to match your shoe perfectly, there are still some bridal shops that can have them dyed to the right colour.

The hair and makeup is a biggie. I recommend that you have a trial run if you are changing your usual style dramatically or using a different stylist. Just remember these people are professionals, so don’t be afraid to ask their advice, even show them your dress, it all brings the ‘story’ together.
Just remember that . . . A picture is a memory, give yourself time to create the best picture/memory you can for the every special event in your life. It’s fun preparing and enjoyable to watch it unfold and delightful when it’s all over and you still look magnificent.
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